I Can Filter out the Junk

There is a website that I go to every morning while I enjoy my coffee. It is a news feed that gives me all the newest stories about our commander in chief. I enjoy reading Trump news for a number of reasons. The main one is because he truly is the man with the most power in this world. He has the world’s best military at his fingertips, and other countries look to the United States for leads on different cultural issues. I am not saying we are superior by any means, but we do wield a lot of power.

There are so many conflicts going on around the world that I want to know exactly what is up, or at least as much as what the public can be told, at any given time. This news feed for Trump news is the best way for me to get a collection of news stories so I can look at them quickly and then take the time to read the ones that I want to read. This morning, there is a lot of anger coming from all different directions about how President Trump described some poor nations.

Do I feel he used the right words to describe the conditions of these African countries? No, I don’t think he did. However, he denies using the slurs that the media and others are saying he used. There was one article this morning from a foreign news source that really hit home for me. The focus is so much on that one word, that one piece of profanity, that he supposedly used. Why is the focus not on the truth of the statement though? These nations are poor, they are vulnerable, and the citizens are not living good lives at all. That is why I enjoy this news feed so much, because I can filter out the junk and focus on what truly is news.