I Feel Better About Myself

When I first heard about the curly human hair extensions that an online company makes, I wasn’t sure what to think. I had worn extensions in the past, but they just never seemed to work out for me. I had heard about these extensions from this company though and how they were supposed to be different and better to other hair extensions brands. I decided to go to their website and read more information, because I thought it would be great to wear them again if I could find a company that had some that actually looked good.

I was happy when I looked at everything from this company on its site. I did not just have to read about the extensions and take their word for it. I was able to see videos and pictures, and I would never have been able to guess that the women in them were wearing hair extensions, clips or weaves. I had never owned a weave that made my hair look as good as theirs, and I was able to read why the more I looked on their site. They only use certain hair, and they do not treat any of it with harsh chemicals.

I ordered some that same day, and I was still surprised when I put them in upon delivery. I knew that these would look better than any I have had in the past, but I just wasn’t expecting them to look as natural as they did. To say that I am a happy customer is an understatement because I am over the moon about these extensions. I once again have long and thick hair, something I never thought I would have again. I love getting all the compliments that I do on how I look now too. These extensions have changed how I feel about myself!