I Needed Expert Tree Advice

I knew that we were going to need to find a company that does Long Island tree pruning. We had purchased a home on several acres, and there were about a half dozen trees that were close to the house. I did not want to lose any of them because that was part of the charm for the exterior. I could tell even with my unprofessional eye that they needed a lot of care though. That is why I decided to contact a company about coming out and pruning them so they would be healthier and look much nicer too.

I know that there are different seasons to when you should prune a tree, but that was the extent of my knowledge about it. I knew that I needed an expert tree person to come in anyway to do the job, so I decided to contact one to come out and tell me exactly what I needed. Since I was able to get a free estimate from the one company I called, I decided to just go with them. I figured if the price was too high or the work seemed too extensive, then I was just out a small amount of time.

When the tree company rep came out, it did not take him long to look at the trees on our property. We have a lot of trees at the back, but I told him I was not worried about them right now since they were well over an acre away from the house. He gave me the estimate on what it would cost to prune all the trees, and I was surprised that the price was so low. Less than a week later, all the work was done, and the trees look so much better now. When it comes time to do something about the trees way out back, they are going to come out and give me some advice and estimates on that too.