Inspirational Author Helps Rekindle the Old Flame for Golf Enthusiasts

Golf is more than just a sport;it is a lifestyle choice that many choose. Author James Dobson helps us see the journey of golf through his eyes in the 2009 release book titled, “A Son of the Game”. This book helps golf enthusiasts see the journey of one man and how golf has come back to inspire him in his later years.

The author has released several books on the topic of golf, but “A Son of the Game” takes James Dobson from his home in Maine to the hills of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Finding that he feels lost, he seeks refuge in the place where his father taught him to love the game of golf. Quitting his normal life, James Dobson takes a stab at writing for a local Pinehurst newspaper that he uses as a daytime job. During this time, he rekindles his old passion for golf and hopes to ignite the same passion in his teenage son.

What makes this book so inspirational is that the author shares his own life experiences with a wide audience and helps you see things from his point of view. Instead of a blandly narrated book, the reader gets a full slice of seeing life from James Dobson’s side. By taking the time to read this book, readers will not only find a hidden deeper message of finding refuge in something you love, but understanding relationships. The author gives a great insight to the game of golf and can help readers feel inspired to grab a club and take it to the hills. This book may seem like a short read of only 292 pages, but as many reviewers have found, it really begs for attention. This is one piece of work from this author that no true golf fan would want to miss!