Working on the Process Still

Of course we have figured out most of the stuff. We have looked at what we need to do to make the sauce and how hard it would be to do the bottling operation. The question we are wrestling with right now is the scope of the operation and how we are going to deal with it. For instance you could start out with hand packing the boxes, but do you need stuff like tray loading systems machines. Buying a machine to do that seems like a lot, but it would do it easily and paying a man to do it would cost you also. It is not like you are going to save money by having more people than you must have in the operation. In fact we are thinking of exactly what we need and trying to keep it as tight as we can manage for the time being. More people means more problems and specifically you have to deal with government benefits. Every person on the payroll has to have social security and all of that stuff.

At any rate it is all going to have to be figured out before we can start. We have the building and we have a kettle that is going to be great for making small batches, but in order to do a volume business we are going to need to find more financing. We think that we have a solution for the place we need, but it is not sure that the zoning is going to be right in this building. So far we can not quite get the people at the county to give us a straight answer about it. They tell us that it depends on what we are doing, but what they mean is it depends on how they define what we are doing.